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It is important that all OCs of BCS Simla India ONLY subscribe to the OCA mailing-list. The OCA will send occasional Notifications and Newsletters. [We've had many OCs of Bishop Cotton Boys School Bangalore subscribe to this list and, unfortunately, we have to delete them from the list] Please, BCS Bangalore OCs: We know you'd rather be on our list than the school you attended - but sorry! 

YOUR CONTACT DATA AND ANY DETAILS YOU ENTER AT THIS FORM ARE NOT VISIBLE TO ANYONE AT ALL except YOU. The Admin of the OCA Website has some access to the data but only for the purpose of sending emails or contacting an Old Cottonian for a specific purpose. By entering your details you agree to receive emails and notifications from the Old Cottonians Association. You may edit your details or opt-out at any time. Contact us if you need clarification or assistance.

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